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Let’s Get Personal!
March 22, 2009, 10:38 pm
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Anyone that knows me well knows that I like anything personalized!  For weddings, it’s a perfect way to create an intimate feeling and atmosphere for your guests.  For parties, it’s a great way to carry your theme through the entire event. I was shopping on ETSY recently and came across great ideas for weddings and parties!

Having an Outdoor Wedding?  Direct your guests to your perfect spot with a great sign in your honor from Funki Folk Art:


Cupcakes are definitely on the Wedding Scene: they are used as a Groom’s Cake, a Favor, or a Late Night Snack.  To make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck-think about adding a personalized cupcake topper from Bug & Boo.  Let me tell you, these are awesome and she has such great ideas for any occasion!


If you really want to shake things up, consider using a funny photo of your Groom, or even the two of you!


For unique favors or late night snacks(you know you love a good Krispy Kreme after a fun night out), try a personalized caddy for your guests to leave with.


In the weeks to come, I’ll show you some of my favorite personalized flair from weddings past-so be sure to email me any of your favorites to include!

Bar Mitzvah Boogie!
March 15, 2009, 3:22 am
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Any of you that have children about 12-14 know that Bar Mitzvah season is officially upon us! That’s right, it’s time to: choose a theme, make your guest list, talk about favors, study Torah portions, and try to keep it all kosher while juggling a million other family tasks. “Oy!” I said it!

There is so much to c0nsider when planning your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah Celebration-especially now.  I’ve put together a list of items I think are important when managing your and your child’s expectations for the evening.

1) Get a GREAT DJ.  At my parties, it’s amazing how much the kids connect with their DJ and Dancers.  Most DJ’s have dancers on their staff that will help motivate and relax the kids and encourage them to dance, dance, dance!  I have a lot of clients that want the adults and the kids to BOTH have a great time dancing-so make sure you communicate to your DJ in advance of your entertainment expectations. (like: when to toast?, how many adults in attendance vs. how many kids?, will there be a cocktail hour for adults?, do the kids want games?, are there any prizes to hand out?)

2) Look for a PARTY VENUE without many restrictions.  I’m telling you-sometimes jumping through hoops to make a venue work makes your budget increase dramatically!  There are so many wonderful venues in Dallas-you’re bound to find one that fits your family’s style and personality.  A few things to consider: 1) Are the tables and chairs included in your rental fee? 2) Do they allow outside catering and bringing in your own alcohol? 3) How many hours does the rental fee include-and what’s the cost to extend that time? 4) What other charges should you consider-valet, security, etc? 5) Are there restrictions with power or decorations?

3) THEME, THEME, THEME! In my world, it seems to be all about the THEME! Sometimes themes work great for kids (Maddy loves to shop-let’s make it “Maddy’s Mall”! or Blake loves tennis-“Everything Tennis” it is!), other times my clients simply want a fun party that all their guests can enjoy.  Whatever your preference, there are a few ways to make sure this special day makes ALL of your guests feel welcomed and appreciated. 1) Start with your stationary.  Stationary is a relatively easy way to continue a theme or feel from the first glance of the invitation to the hotel hospitality bag welcome note, place cards, and favors. Each of these touches allows you to carry on a color or theme that will enhance your guests experience. 2) Light it Up! It’s a great way to make your room feel like a party without spending a fortune for small “filler” decorations. 3) Consider centerpieces that are interactive: do they pose questions on cards? Are they part of the guests take-home favor? Perhaps they are part of the Mitzvah Project or another Tzedekah.  Whatever you choose, make it count.




4) How many ACTIVITIES are too many?  In my experience, activities are a great way to break the ice and get the kids interacting with one another-not to mention serving a dual purpose of providing a party favor! But how many is too many?? I think it’s entirely dependent on the personality of the family. If you like to dance, then less is more.  If you think the kids want to be busy-bring them on!  Whatever you decide, I think it’s important to remember that space will play a big role in this decision.  Be sure to consider your power outlets and common areas before signing the contracts.


5) The SHABBAT DINNER, KIDDUSH LUNCHEON, HOSPITALITY BASKETS and SUNDAY BRUNCH. Before you have a panic-attack about ALL the activities and responsibilities that come with a Bar Mitzvah Weekend, remember to rely on your friends!  If any friend or family member offers to help you with your celebration, encourage them to team up with others to help with some of these expenses. Besides, don’t you prefer a nice dinner with friends and family on a Friday night? Keep them as intimate as you can, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!


6) Remember the true PURPOSE of this celebration, and keep it sacred. This is such a special and important time for your family, remember to enjoy each moment as you celebrate the tradition and efforts of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Be sure to tell them how proud you are of them!


The Wedding Party Studio Opens!
March 5, 2009, 5:19 am
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We’re incredibly excited about the unveiling of  The Wedding Party Studio in uptown Dallas.  

Just think: a one stop shop for EVERYTHING WEDDING. 


Can you imagine?: Thumbing through all the dresses, shopping for sussies, sipping champagne, and flipping through books of premiere Dallas wedding vendors while you dream of your perfect day. *sigh*    

Paige Chenault Events was selected to participate in this unique collection of vendors, and we’re excited to be part of such a great crew! Click here to see all of my friends in the Library.  Not only is there a library and shop just around the corner from you, but they also host a killer bridal show twice a year-and it’s almost here!


Here’s the scoop: The Wedding Party Event is March 29, 2009 at Third Space. You’re sure to walk away with new inspiration and a rejuvenated spirit for your wedding day. For more information, check out The Wedding Party Studio.